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original sunny Autumn.


weekend reunites.^ son visited my dorm on Friday night as usual. I just successfully connected our 2 notebooks via lan and played "borderlands 2" in co-op mode in his bedroom, so exciting. we ate KFC and toast beef. this dawn dreamed with son, warrenzh 朱楚甲, likely lives in Japan. son so cool &stylish universally and constantly. then situation turned adverse for us. we managed to trade colorful threads as our business. we got up early after i first woke up by pee. son played game after watched animation online in the morning. then we had breakfast in KFC. on way returning to his mom's house, he is anxious about how long i will stay there with him playing pc games. that's not clueless but evident. soon after we picked game, his mom burst into scorns on us, as the usual bitch. I left after gamed about an hour with my son in co-op of "borderlands 2". God, rid my son off unease with games load. show us more freedom at leisure. God, grant my son a ebook reader sooner, bring my Royal China to allow me home my dearest son, Hope of China, God of Universe.


among PRC mob.^ these days covert paid violent demonstration in China against Japanese shocked me. when i jogged last dusk i even felt killing thirst in face of personal threat from mobs, not to be victimized. till connected shameless PRC with world scope Islamic raid/surge, the desperate and last wade of darkness before void, I resumed peace in God dad. this dawn dreamed Chinese government, esp the Hu, manipulated more dark tools to harm my Royal China, which in brilliant destiny. I equipped my son new widgets, inc new namespaces, to defend our gaming and warring field. God, peace is the sunshine outside. bring my girls in those sunshine, God, bring our union in blood linkage upon deadlock I was beset. God, thanks for harmony so far in my life.


dreamed of ethnic life style. ^ Its all of bliss since I visit my son in last Friday. in dawn dream i witness an ethnic group in civil war or WWⅡ, their strange custom, inc sex and marriage, dream and death, their loyalty to their royal court. I dreamed their spiritual life moved me. God, son, warrenzh 朱楚甲 now in grade 2 and his mom, even herself a Junior English teacher of more than 10 years in the smothering orthodox Chinese parish, felt helpless upon our son's English study. empower son with confidence and independence in mastering English and Japanese, shed enlightenments in his school life with pragmatic or real life practice and engagement, with which i reckon as the most efficient way to learn any subject in referred, coincides with joys. God, let son staying with the Holy every moment! God, bring me my Royal China sooner, to allow me home my son, warrenzh 朱楚甲, Hope of China, God of Universe.


dreamed of home front defending with son.^ dreamed closely watched Hujintao, the leaving President of PRC, and his wife&'s living, inc a scenario on highway. then building defending poles/turrets with my frequent domain names, like faezrland, riveryog, etc. to defend our Empire with my son, warrenzh 朱楚甲 in the war. I also dreamed of campus canteen. It drizzled since dawn, adding more chill in the early Autumn. I find bliss in the rain again. God, bring us closer to family good news u promised. God, grant us an kindle ebook reader sooner!


dreamed of offering a preach.^ dreamed living in US, esp a twin city like Beijing&Tianjin. a community church invited me to join their carnival and arranged me to make a speech about my finding home in God, to believers mostly American Chinese. I then introduced my fight against adversity and God's help always in the way. It's a pale morning that's peaceful. God, bring my son, warrenzh 朱楚甲, Hope of China, God of Universe, his long time wishlist, a Kindle paperwhite ebook reader. God, bring me sooner my Royal China, my girl Lv, Asoh Yukiko, girl Zhou, and my Taiwan girl who evade me so long.


dreamed of irrelevant or rampant.^ yesterday visit son for sunshine in dusk after 3 days' cloudy. I played "borderland" with son's companion and made great progress. son's mom kept driving me in debt of her, blaming gaming costs son's study time. i returned in drizzle and ate some toast on way near QRRS Dorm, thanks the holy. in dawn dreamed witnessing a genius professor, who ignore common social behavior to maintain his originality, when i worked in German university in the dream. God show me rich or plenty in rampant and irrelevant, in irregularity. I at once know the gift, the bliss among my examples regarded as challenge for mob in these chill days while my bare clothes still welcome the leaving summer. God, bring changes to my life so far praying. bring my girls, my sons and daughters in coming Royal China! God, u see the thanksgiving.


a long dreamed about handling ethnic worship. ^ yesterday I first time tried to fix a Clavus on my left smallest toe with hot water, in aim to play soccer with my son in the coming Autumn freely. this dawn dreamed being in heavy ethnic area, like Xinjinag, northwestern China, co-worked with a kid and his parent, witness their worship & magic. in the end they prepared and migrated their idol, like a huge white cake, to new mosque, after many curses, condemns against interference by PRC, and during many dark spells. also dreamed in my hometown new hospital built and lots of witchery in local community. a middle school alumni, likely in family name Tao, and a QRRS colleague once worked as Communist Youth League secretary, appeared in the dream. the secretary attempted to promote the Tao to a new position on social ladder in another big city. I managed to rescue my storage in QRRS' hostel while the Tao along me among guests of the hotel, whose dinners always rich for foreigners . Its cloudy now, even likely drizzled. God, yesterday I lost temper when my son, warrenzh 朱楚甲, lingered and loathed to leave pc game. God, save our happy time in games, save my Royal China among adversity. God, u see the promised land in title Zhu's under ur shine. thx for ur grace, Dad.

From baby's works update
From baby's works update
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