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fine weather except sands in spring wind.


dreamed joined politics. ^ in dawn dream my passed mother urged me, saying she will leave the world in 3 or 5 years and that hurts me almost woke up. I then campaigned for congressman till being a senate and my brother in congress. then in an office a woman in QRRS, my once long time employer, also a girl from Hunan, southern China, holding a higher rank and meeting with me and some other guys included another graduate from Xinjiang, western China, we same year enrolled by QRRS in 1991. I felt bitter in the office for I once refuted possible intimacy with the Hunan girl. God, so many precious moments U granted me with my son, so many settlements U shown me the grace of my Royal China. but still recently I felt upset by falling black society under PRC, sinful explosive dog state. mafias everywhere among civilian. brutal and depressing reality filing hope of common Chinese. God, refill me with confidence in ur presence, testifies glory of throne under my title in Zhu's. God, dad, future in this loveable sunshine outside tells. God, thx dad.


dreamed as an educator. ^ dreamed first worked among professors, encouraged them to be ready for liberation. then close lived with the Court, taught them self-reliance. then as a tutor with a prince and his 2 wives, prepared them transit to common people. Its a sunny morning. QRRS, my once long time employer, still in holiday and I had to find myself meals. last afternoon I visit my son even his mom ordered should not. I prepared him new video games before he returned for his school, while the dirty grandma allowed me enter her daughter's house. but his mom desperately ruined our happy time in game together. the cheap bitch claimed I ruin my son, and I never replied her as usual against her countless accusations. when she forced my son leave me again after homeworks and piano practices, I told my son what is important is he watch and learn in his own justice eyes between devil and goodness. I also told my son I was happy in my life and urged him being happy. God, see through my son in the insanity of his mom's family, among brutal PRC nowadays where mafias thick like lice. God, dad, preserve my longing for girls, for natural beauty.


dreamed as babysitter. ^ PRC adopted western holiday while maintain lunar calendar, IE. most of its holiday present in fixed monthly date rather than week. that hurt me much for canteen then out of service. I had to spend more on meals, quite some cased I had to starve. I blamed this due lazy Chinese and their obsession with end day's escape of their private circle. but not so miserable this labor day holiday. QRRS, my once long time employer, sent me a holiday bonus of ¥300, which lets us enjoy the leisure time together with delicious food and meaningful activities. my son previously suggested to watch again 3d movie, so we did. warrenzh 朱楚甲 also suggested to dine after cinema, even I seriously concerned security in late night, but we did catch last dinner in Golden Hans toast buffet around 8pm and enjoyed rich food there very much. we almost didn't wait 2 taxi when usually taxi in Qiqihar too busy to catch. whole night I rearranged quilt for son once lest he extend body out of cover in risk of cold, and we slept sound. I had to nap again after woke up and setup to allow my son played game on my notebook alone. my son first time lingered in my dorm later than 10am. on way we dined in KFC which so satisfying. his mom forced me to retreat after we gamed awhile in her house. I visited my son again near 4pm. his mom had visiting guests and dined together but didn't invite me under same roof. I rendered that's sinful. returned to dorm, I treated myself instant noodle and bread. this dawn I dreamed worked in a big house with another servant and a woman servant. the boy baby asked me to pick a lobster for him when we explored a seashore. there some elders watched us and gabbled. God, dad, please bring me sooner my Royal China, to home my son. bring me new family to enrich life on the earth.


dreamed of talent. ^ so we are in Labor Day holiday now. I had to find my meals out of canteen in coming 3 day in sinful PRC labor day holiday. this dawn dreamed of a talent musician, likely the composer of PRC's anthem. I tried to research his talent. after released bladder I dreamed something about my usual academic nightmare. then dream a family in my hometown village, Zhudajiu. the family is a close kin related to us, and their house close to my dad's. the parents even lately operated worship for villagers, after my passed dad's spiritual wakeup, but they r cheap. I dreamed in their house the guy, a pal when I grew there 3 decades ago, trying to chess me. I asked to keep the chessboard waiting my free later. the mother of the family bragged her grandson's smart while I busy with dealing something. Its a cloudy morning. Godfather, my son grows in a stage in need of friends. God, blesses him with friends and challenges that training or meaningful. God, u see our reunion this dusk, even our original plan ruined by his revengeful cheap Chinese mother, grant us happy moment now and then. God, dad, bring me sooner my Royal China to cater my son's need of home. thx dad.

From 2013 in gaze
From 2013 in gaze
From 2013 in gaze